Anna Stumpf

How To Opera

Opera can be diffucult to understand. Especially for young people it seems not very attractive sit five hours in a theatre. »How To Opera« helps to get in touch with this art form. With easy explanatations of opera stories and simple »How Tos« this website makes it easier to get an approach to this huge culture treasure.

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Grimme Online Award Nominierung 2017

TEDxMünster-Speaker 2017


I use different methods to categorize and modularize systems. Working on the fundamentals enables the visualization of inherent logics, which is the base for the creation of a design system.

@ SinnerSchrader (since 2018)
@ pReview (2014-2017)


At the University of the Arts Bremen I studied integrated design in the field of digital ↔ analog, creativity ↔ analytics and past ↔ future.

@ HfK Bremen
* Jahresausstellung 2015 HfK Bremen
* ADC-Festival 2013
* HfK Hochschultage 2013
* HfK Hochschultage 2014
* Out of the Box @ Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus


Since 2018
Product Designer
@ SinnerSchrader

Since 2009
@ plainpicture GmbH

Head of Interaction Design
@ pReview digital design Gmbh

B. A. »Integrated Design«
@ Hochschule für Künste Bremen


* DEMO FESTIVAL 2019 Participant
* TEDxMünster 2017 Speaker
* Grimme Online Award 2017 Nomination
* University of Bremen Guest Lecture Music Didactics WS 17/18

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