person is holding a smartphone with opened at a train station

From the sign to the screen: With the relaunch of, we laid the foundation for providing information on Deutsche Bahn’s 5400 train stations online in one place. Within a year, the great team designed and implemented a solution that is also fully optimized for screen readers. I contributed to this product in the roles of Business Analyst and Owner with a strong focus on UX.

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How to Design System is a collection of everything I learned about design systems.

  • Article on Medium (featured by the UX Collective)

Experiment now! is a creativity project. Currently I am experimenting with the pen plotter Axidraw 🤖.

NO BETA FACES is a 1-year anti-racism challenge I did with three colleagues at SinnerSchrader.

Disarted explores with movement the coloration of paintings.

  • Shown at DEMO FESTIVAL at Amsterdam Central Station
  • Exhibited at Le Signe (biennale internationale de design graphique) in Chaumont

In this TEDx talk I tell how I discovered a completely new world of art and why I created the website »How To Opera«.

How To Opera makes opera more accessible for others by translating their plots into easily digested stories with illustrations and visualizations.

For the SinnerSchrader Agency Day Ziqi Hu and I made a Selfless Selfies performance (inspired by Jon Burgerman). In this session we sat opposite of our colleagues and drew each other within 90 seconds.

ARE.NA is my digital archive where I collect all kinds of sparks from the internet.

With my colleague Qiao Lu I create the sketchbook German meets Chinese in which we exchange expressions of our native language.

This Tape Art project was made as a welcome greeting for SinnerSchrader’s new neighbours: Mackevision. This artwork was created together with Mehmet Demir and Jamila Khan.

I love to clean up chaos. Be it in shelves and cupboards or in the digital world. It makes no difference whether content or visual design needs to be categorized. I always proceed in the same way and separate a chaos into its individual parts to recombine it again. By reducing a topic to the essentials I create the infrastructure for the following work.


Business Analyst
Deutsche Bahn Station&Service, Berlin

Senior Product Designer
SinnerSchrader, Hamburg

Head of Interaction Design
pReview, Berlin

B. A. Integrated Design
Hochschule für Künste Bremen

plainpicture, Hamburg


Press (selection)